Mandelbrot set in python:

Logistic Equation and Bifurcation Diagram Written by Paul Bourke
First install Numerical Python , the fundamental package needed for scientific computing with Python called NumPy. Run the program from console. Program creates a *.pgm file.

How to change keybord seeting and then run python in windows:
keyb us
cd C:\Progra~1\python\
make a bat file including such commands

from Computing totient(n) -- melding math and programming on k12.ed.math group

def gcd(a,b):
"Euclid's Algorithm"
"by Kirby Urner "
 while b>0:
   a, b = b, a % b
 return a

def totient(n):
count totatives of n,
assuming gcd already defined
by Gregor Lingl
if not (type(n)==type(1) and n>=0):
raise ValueError, 'Invalid input type'
tot,pos = 1, n-1
while pos>1:
if gcd(pos,n)==1: tot += 1
pos -= 1
return tot

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Author: Adam Majewski