Theory of Mandelbrot Set

The best sites about M-set:

Area of Mandelbrot set:
Rafe Jones: "Galois Martingales and the Hyperbolic Subset of the p-adic ..."
Begum, Monzu Ara: Bifurcation in complex quadratic polynomial and some fold theorems involving the geometry of bulbs of the Mandelbrot set
The Critical Point Behind The Mandelbrot Set (1997)David Assaf, IV

The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
Bibliography for the Mandelbrot Set unabridged by John H. Mathews
Books on fractals [DOC] by Benoit B. MANDELBROT
References on Chaos and Fractals at the University of Waterloo
Fractals at MAA

(interval arithmethic, example:
"Images of Julia sets that you can trust" by L H de Figueiredo and J B Oliveira )
Drawing Fractals With Interval Arithmetic by Rupert Rawnsley.
and Part 2

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