Julia movies by Laurent Bartholdi
rabbit movies by Laurent Bartholdi
Polynomial matings on the Riemann sphere movies by Arnaud Cheritat
Sarah Koch

the Ultimate Fractal Video Project by Jaçk Of TraĐeZ
All these videos were created with Fractint. It alows deep zoom because it has
Mandelbrot ZooM to E+89 the Deepest Mandelbrot ZooM Animation ever made.
the fractint parameter file for the final image is:
u3x_end {
; Fractint Version 2004 Patchlevel 4
reset=1920 type=mandel passes=1
center-mag=-1.999999999999881659409859610424884736380444379887711105173407811882135531356450263922565200811/1.1355760989\ 255041730142512973590569900575051555649565190511427548286e-27/3e+089 params=0/0 float=y maxiter=2110000000 fillcolor=0 inside=0
( by by Jaçk Of TraĐeZ )

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