Periodic points of complex quadratic mappings

Zpperiodic points of  Complex quadratic (Mandelbrot) map  when :
Zp = Fc(n)(Zp)
 where n = period

so they are roots of polynomials ( = solutions of polynomial equations) of degree 2 * n
Fc(n)(Zp) - Zp = 0

As Brian Towles explains on sci.fractals :
F(z) = z       [equation for points with period 1 which is 2nd order polynomial ]
F(F(z)) = z      [equation for points with period 2, 4th order polynomial ]
F(F(F(...F(z)...)))) = z    [equation for period n, 2^n order polynomial ]

Only polynomial equations of degree 4 ( quartic ) or less can be solved explicitly.

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