Algorithms for generating images
of mandelbrot set

Algorithms for generating images of mandelbrot set ( with source code - click on images):
  1. sequential
  2. parallel

Hyperion Mandelbrot Fractal Demo with GPGPU techniques Jérôme 'JeGX' Guinot
M. Casco Associates
On Fractal Coloring Techniques  by Jussi Härkönen Colouring fractals and The colours of fractals by J.P. Louvet
hidden dimension
Newton's method, Julia and Mandelbrot sets, and complex coloring by Martin Pergler
The Mandelbrot set iteration by François Labelle
Decorating the Mandelbrot Exterior by ...
Colouring Algorithm at JW's page
orbit traps from Fractal Domains
Orbit detection by J C Sprott
algorithms  by in~igo quilez
Fracture screensaver -algorithms
Fractals and multi layer coloring algorithms Mandelbtor Dazibao
Javier Barrallo and Santiago Sanchez
Fractal Drawing Styles 6.0 by Jesse Jones
standard coloring algorithms for Ultra Fractal 3.
rendering Mandelbrot set fractal through a pixel shader in DirectX9.  by Humus

Texturing Techniques by eNZed Blue
"eNZedBlue" wrote in message
>> Hello list,
>> I've posted a gallery on my site with a few images showing the
>> Mandelbrot set rendered with a bitmap texture applied. For escapees, I
>> take the last value of z before it escapes the boundary circle, then
>> convert it to polar coordinates and use the angle/distance from the
>> complex origin as a texture u/v pair. For points inside the set no
>> texture is applied. Also, I have rendered the set as a tree, to show
>> the doubling of the number of repeats of the texture mapping each
>> iteration.
>> There are some videos too. Hope you like them! :-)
>> Cheers,
>> Chris Hayton

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