Programs by Curtis T McMullen

Programs by Curtis T McMullen

You need :
- tcsh - c shell

To install :
cd src

To run :
add julia/bin to your path :
got to julia/Quad/Parab dir

Quad.c program :
- makes ps file and send it to stdout (in C )
- redirect stdout (bash script)
- to ps2gif ( tcsh script, which you cna find in julia/bin dir ), which makes gif file using ppmtogif

Usage: quad [options]
-C [c.x c.y] parameter of function fc(z)=z^2 + c]
-c [center_x center_y] center of window. With radius of window defines image plane
-d [iWidth iHeight] Image width and height in pixels
-f [] nhd of J to draw (default 1.0) ( ???)
-i [IterMax] iteration limit
-j just draw Julia set
-k [gray] color to fill Julia set
-l [level] - draws equipotential line (image of curve |z|=2^level under Riemann mapping )
-p [n] show n points of post-critical orbit
-s subdivision of basin of infinity
-r [radius_of_window] With center of window defines image plane
-x [ang_num ang_denom level] - draws image of external ray at rational angle in [0,1], from level down
Postscript file is written to stdout.

Maxima program which uses McMullen's method of drawing external ray

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