Zooming capabiliteis of MSExplorer

As you see zooming capabiliteis of MSExplorer are limited.
Max Magnification = 1,5E17.
MSExplorer  uses extended type of floating point numbers (Range =( -3.6 x 10^4951 .. 1.1 x 10^4932), Significant digits =10-20, Size in bytes = 10).
If one wants to produce unlimited zoom ( it means limited by time and patience) must use arbitrary precision library, like :

for 32-bit integer math Fractint can zoom up to 10^13
For 64 bit double precision (floating point) numbers zoom limit of Fractint is approximately 10^15
Lode Vandevenneshows that numerical limit of 64-bit floating point numbers is reached at zoom more than 10^18 times .
With arbitrary precision algorithms ( "Instead of using 64 bit double precision to represent numbers, your computer software allocates as much memory as needed to create a data type supporting as many decimals of precision as you want.") the zoom is unlimited.
Jack Of TraDez produced a zoom to E+89 ( video made with Fractint).

Adam Robucci produced a picture of a midget magnified by a factor of 10^359 
Minoru Morikawa mag 10^1542 ( the deepest zoom ( as I know ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) with Fractint

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