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spoken language: english
programming language: Pascal ( Borland object Pascal )
compiler: VER 140
IDE: Borland Delphi for Microsoft Window Version 10.0
programming style : Object oriented
programming method : visual (RAD)
target: CPU
library: standard = VCL
program type : GUI application
licence: GNU General Public License (GPL, version 2.0
OS: win32 (windows XP )
hardware platform: PC - x86

Latest version of program : exe file or zipped exe file 

Source code ( delphi) with exe files in one zip file:
Versions which can be compiled under Turbo Explorer :

Version 2007.03.23 
Version 2007.02.08
Version 2007.02.07 TOpenTextFileDialog1 is in Delphi 2005 not in Delphi 7.0
Version 2006.12.24
Version 2006.12.23
Version 2006.11.27 in psedo8bit color mode opens fractint palette files = *.map
Version 2006.11.05
Version 2006.10.29  mappingSetup moved from initialisation in MappingU to mainFormU; 

versions with changed acces to pixels:

version 20060930 new algorithm dialog window, new decomposition of complement of M-set
version 20060517 aded DEM/M True color mode
version 20060515 aded DEM/M, changed AlgorithmDlg
version 20060325 aded color types
version 20060320 added contour line method, decomposition and  potential

Old versions: ( diffrent target sets, can save txt file with info about image )

Version 2006.02.22 
Version 2005.08.19
Version 2005.08.14
Version 2005.07.21
Version 2005.06.28 removed bug; new types of algorithms and bailout tests; see what happens when after color image (pf32bit) you create b&w (pf8bit) and after that another time color image (pf32bit). there are changed colors)
Program - Mandelbrot Set. Zip file   written in Borland Delphi 7.0 personal edition ( for Microsoft Windows)

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