Mandelbrot Set for map F(Z)=Z*Z + C

It is a program for drawing mandelrot set for function F(c,z)=z*z + c
It uses diffrent algorithms ( see below) and color types (program works in pf32bit color mode = True Color. Other modes are simulated)
It is made with Borland Delphi

source code with exe files

  • it uses only CPU for computing
  • relatively high speed due to: ScanLine Procedure and cardioid checking;
  • Zoomclickin the image can magnify (left) or diminish (right) picture
  • saving the image as bmp file and txt file describing the image - click on the image below to see this file.
  • dialog boxes to change the parameters: Bitmap, C plane, Algorithm
  • it uses standard Borland Delphi = VCL units
  • uses extended type of floating point numbers
  • one can draw one image on another ( something like layers - see checkbox in AlgorithmDlg)
  • one can choose parameter plane by 4 corners or by center and 2 sides (C_PlaneDlg )
  • one can check period of hyperbolic component of interior of Mandelbrot set in status bar and see the hyperbolic components (color is proportional to period)
  • diffrent target sets for escape time iteration ( old versions only)
  • draw the equipotential curves
  • in psedo8bit color mode opens fractint palette files = *.map

big version of components = 2000 x 2000 pixels = 15 MB

To do :

*Jungreis algotithm
*spider algorithm
* interactively recompute julia set when changing by a mouse/cursor pad the c parameter
* plot out the itineraries of arbitrary points
* find out the periodic points of the point with a given period
* for a given point compute (interactively) its coordinates, and the derivetiev of several iterated of the function in thath point
* Approximate localization of the tip and the root of a given nervure
* show the external or internal rays  in any periodic component of Fatou and Mandelbrot set
* display the argument of any ray and allow to iterate the function upon that external ray
* computing the address of any point in Julia set / Mandelbrot set


Procedures ( old or wrong) :

Bad procedures for drawingf Arg(Phi(c)) = External angle of Mandelbrot set

mandelbrot set external argument

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Autor: Adam Majewski

Feel free to e-mail me. (:-)) adammaj1-at-o2-dot--pl

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