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Fractal generation using GIMP MathMap
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(this is explanation of author of MAth-map plug in) Mark Probst

>> origVal(xy+xy:[sin(y/6),sin(x/6)]*3);
"xy is a variable of type xy:2. That means it's a tuple with two
elements and it has the tag xy. You can create your own tuple with
two elements with [1,2], for example. It will have the type nil:2,
though, because nil is the default tag. If you want it to have the
tag xy you'll have two write xy:[1,2]. Then you can add that to the
variable xy, like xy+xy:[1,2].
One could write the above expression as
new_x = x+sin(y/6)*3;
new_y = y+sin(x/6)*3;
origValXY(new_x, new_y)
You might also want to read this explanation
It's a motivation for and description of the tagged tuple system which
I wrote before I implemented it (the tag conversion operator wasn't

So OrigVal(xy*xy:[cos(pi/2/Y*y),1]) means:

new_x = x*cos(pi/2/Y*y);
new_y = y*1;
origValXY(new_x, new_y);

MathMap plug-in compiled for GIMP Windows 20020917 (and 20030115) with Mingw32-gcc. by Icci

The Fire Trilogy by Laurent Despeyroux
Peter G. Martin commentary
X-Ray Diffraction  by Alexander Heide
Michael J. Gruber: Visualizing Conformal Maps by Gimp 2.0 plug-in
  First you should have Gimp-Python working
How to install GIMP on windows with Python support by David Gower :

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