BailOut test = Diverging Condition

Images on the left are made with old version of MSExplorer, images on the right are made with Rainbow program.

Circle=modulo : (y*y+x*x>BailOut)
color is proportional to :                                                                                 result:=round(sqrt(sqr(X-center.X)+sqr(y-center.Y)));
full color                                                
black and white

Rectangle : ((x>BailOut) or (y>BailOut))

and : ((x*x>BailOut) and (y*y>BailOut))

Or=PickOver : ((x*x>BailOut) or (y*y>BailOut)) 

Bio : ((Abs(x)>BailOut) or(Abs(y)>BailOut))                                                             MaxReIm: result:=max(abs(center.x-x),abs(center.Y-y));

Bio2xy : ((Abs(2*x*y)>BailOut))

real : (x*x>BailOut)

imag : (y*y>BailOut)

Manhattan : ((abs(x)+abs(y))*(abs(x)+abs(y))>bailout)

Manr : ((x+y)*(x+y)>bailout)

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Author: Adam Majewski