Arg(Phi(c)) = external argument of point of exterior of Mandelbrot set
C is a complex plane.  See als Extended complex plane = Riemann sphere
C-D is a complement of D to C
C-M is a complement of M to C
c is a complex number = point of complex plane C
D is a closed unit disk
F(N)(c) = F(F(F ...(c))) it is a repeated composition of a function with itself = function iteration. 
FN(c) = F(c) * F(c) * ...* F(c) = it is a repeated multiplication of function = Exponentiation of function
GM is Green's function of Mandelbrot set. It is used to compute real potential of M
log(Phi(c)) = real potential
M is a Mandelbrot set
O(n) is a Big O notation
o(n) is a little O notation
Phi M is a Boettcher map of M
Phi  M (c)= Boettcher coordinate of M = complex potential
R is a set of real numbers

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